November 27, 2021

The Survival Trap

Hi I’m Paul McCarthy, Australia’s RockStar Marketer. Thank you for requesting a copy of my most sought after eBook, The Survival Trap.

I wrote The Survival Trap in 2008 to help people in the face of the global economy crisis.

Survival Trap thinking is based on holding on to what you’ve got and maintaining the status quo. While it is always prudent to manage risk, becoming completely defensive and reactive is a big mistake. You must remain proactive in a tough economic climate.

The truth is, we are not trapped by the economy or any external conditions as much as we are by our own limited thinking. What you need is a different strategy, a fresh approach and an alternative mindset.

The Survival Trap is an easy to read 80+ page eBook offering you proactive ways to win more business and attract more clients. Best of all it’s yours FREE as my gift.

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