January 22, 2022


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Tim the Tailor workshop

Price: $795.00
Priority Marketing Immersion Day - Wed Sep 18 Melbourne
Learn how to attract an ocean of new clients and create a real income explosion in your business.
Available Qty: 37
Price: $1497.00
21 Greatest Sales Stoppers (3 CDs)
If you are tired of constantly running into sales roadblocks this program is for you! Recorded live during a 3 city tour Paul reveals the 21 greatest sales stoppers and how to overcome them. This powerful 3 disc set comes with a downloadable workbook for you to follow and maximise your ability to put what you learn into practice. Paul takes you step by step through the art of creating a no pressure sales environment and provides a proven roadmap for greater success at selling anything.
Price: $197.00
Thrive box set (4 CDs & 4 DVDs)
Recorded live in front of a sold out audience, Thrive is a one day event delivered by four outstanding speakers and true leaders in their fields. Paul McCarthy – Australia’s RockStar Marketer leads an all star line up which includes Brad Tonini – The Sales Strategist, Robyn Henderson – Master Networker and Bernadette Schwerdt – Copywriting Specialist. Thrive examines four of the most critical areas business owners need to develop if they are to succeed. Networking, Sales, Copywriting and Marketing. In this roll up your sleeves live event, the audience received an incredible amount of ‘how to’ information and now you can place yourself centre stage. The program provides 4 DVD’s and 4 CD’s so you listen or watch as the amazing business building information is shared.
Price: $297.00
Creating Clients Box Set (2 CDs & 2 DVDs)
If you want to know how to bring more clients through the door of your business join RockStar Marketer Paul McCarthy and Sales Strategist Brad Tonini, as they reveal the secret to Finding, Attracting and Converting More Clients. This 2 DVD and 2 CD set is a must own program for any business owner who is serious about ramping up their client attraction strategies.
Price: $197.00
Business Builder Series (10 CDs)
In this incredible 10 CD box set series Paul McCarthy has sourced some of the leading experts in their fields to share with you ‘How To’ supercharge your business results. The business builder series is packed with 10 information rich CD’s providing a host of proven ways to grow your business, increase your profits and dramatically improve your results. Covering vital areas such as Networking, Resilience, Marketing, Sales, Time Management, Website, Copywriting, Image, Finance and more...this set is a must for anyone serious about achieving breakthrough results in their business.
Price: $347.00
How to Become a Peak Performance Salesperson (E-book)
The ability to sell is fundamental to the success of any business or person. Whether we are selling ourselves, a service or a product - we are selling. Having the best product or service will do you little good if you can't get anyone to buy it. One of the biggest challenges facing people is to know how to sell their product or service effectively. The information contained in this e-book is designed to provide you with strategies, ideas and the necessary attitude to win the sales game.
  • The first sale is made to you
  • Getting excited about selling
  • Debunking sales myths
  • Building real value
  • The art of listening
  • How to grow your sales without pressure

Price: $47.00
The Art of Platform Selling (e-book)
How to Sell Your Materials Respectfully, Effectively and Without Pressure
Every time you speak are you leaving money behind? The chances are the answer is yes. Now you can discover everything you need to know about selling your products from the platform. Paul McCarthy routinely sells thousands of dollars worth of products every time he speaks and now, for the first time, he reveals in detail how you can do the same. Learn how to build a winning presentation, create a killer pitch and transition from giving information to selling your products with ease.
This tell all, step by step, 120 page guide could literally add millions to your bottom line. Order it now and start realising your income generation potential.
Price: $57.00
8 Steps to a Remarkable Business (Book)
Learn how to move your business from ordinary to REMARKABLE. In this must read book Paul McCarthy shares with you the secrets to how he has helped thousands of businesses transform their results. This book is packed with innovative, practical and easy to implement ideas.
  • How to market your business on a budget
  • Planning for your success
  • Marketing from the inside out
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Creating a remarkable experience
  • Staying on course

Price: $30.00
Small Business Sales and Marketing Survival Kit (Folder & CD)
The Survival Kit is a must for anyone in business. The Kit is packed with over 24 professionally written letters that are guaranteed to produce results and save you precious time. The Kit comes with a CD containing all letters in a template format for easy use. Take control of your sales and marketing efforts today with:
  • Letters to help you stay in touch and build customer loyalty
  • Phone scripts to win more business
  • Sales letters that grab attention
  • Outlines for writing professional quality ads
  • Create an incredible follow up process
  • Plus much, much more

Price: $397.00
Inspired Wisdom
A single thought can change everything
A collection of thoughts to stir your imagination and set your spirit free
If our thoughts truly create our reality then we must seek to fill our minds with the most inspired thinking possible. Inspired Wisdom offers you the chance to listen to some of the world’s greatest wisdom.
We must not be content to accept things as they are. Instead we must constantly challenge our own beliefs and the way we think. As you listen to this collection of the world’s great quotes, allow the messages to seep deep into your mind. In a world where negativity pervades almost every corner of our community, Inspired Wisdom gives you the chance to reprogram your thinking.
With over 100 pieces of wisdom to stir your soul, this is a CD you will want to listen to over and over again. Listen carefully to the words, hear the message of these inspired passages and apply the lessons into your life.
Price: $47.00
Winning the game of business and life (2 CDs)
LEARN HOW TO CHANGE THE RULES OF THE GAME! This 2 disc recording contains a collection of ideas, recommendations, philosophies, practical strategies and general raves about what works and what doesn’t.
Join award winning international speaker and successful author, Paul McCarthy, as he reveals how to get more from your business and life. Simple truths delivered in Paul’s trademark inspirational way that is sure to lift your spirits and guide your future actions. Taken from the ideas stories and strategies that Paul has shared over the past five years in his books, articles, newsletters and live seminars, this program is packed with some of the most powerful, innovative, practical, obvious, simple, adaptable, effective and proven strategies available today.

Price: $67.00
Ready Fire Aim (2 CD set plus bonus online program)
Change your life forever.
Discover how to get what you want in your life now. Ready Fire Aim is a powerful program with a compelling call to action.
Paul McCarthy’s presentations are renowned for their high energy focus on taking action. Now, for the first time, Paul has outlined the secret to becoming an effective action taker who gets what they want.
This program comes complete with a bonus on-line system to keep you focused and firing. If you have been procrastinating or are not currently living your potential, then let Paul put you on the fast track to success.
If you want to create unstoppable momentum in your life, stop Aiming and start Firing today.
Price: $147.00