January 22, 2022

Priority Marketing Immersion Day

Like to learn how to attract an ocean of new clients and create a real income explosion in your business?

Then don’t miss Paul McCarthy’s Priority Marketing Immersion Day

9.00am – 5.00pm – Registrations from 8.30am

BEAU MONDE INTERNATIONAL, 934 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East

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Discover How To:

  • Use the 10 Step Priority Marketing System™
  • Improve your relationship with clients
  • Market your business more effectively
  • Create real freedom and control in your life
  • Achieve meaningful business growth
  • Increase your profits and satisfaction levels
  • Innovate your approach to marketing
  • Build a marketing action plan
  • Pull targeted customers towards you
  • Reduce costs and increase results

What Others Have Said:
“Finally a business course which provides support and demands action from the business owner, 
whilst providing very comprehensive and inspiring theories on how to expand and maximise the 
potential of your business.” Amanda Freeman, Principal, Kaizen Financial Services

“I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about achieving success and surviving in 
business today, to have Paul as part of their team.” Craig Yeoman, Managing Director, AWT.

“Paul helped me focus on what’s important and where to place my energies. It was an excellent event and Paul’s easy-going style and ability to get his message across meant I went away with an action plan to create success.” Des Turner, About Your Business

Tired of all the Headaches and like a little more Profit?

What do your results tell you about your business? Are you satisfied with your business’s growth, profits and the workload it demands of you? Or are you frustrated by a lack of progress, poor cash flow and limited sales? The one thing that stands between most businesses being able to attract a sea of new clients and creating a real income explosion in their business is the quality of their MARKETING.

The truth is most people’s marketing simply SUCKS…

Here are 7 sure fire signs your marketing SUCKS…

  1. Despite having a superior product or service to your competitors, they still make more money than you do.
  2. Whenever you do some form of advertising / promotion, few people ever respond.
  3. The only marketing you ever do is the same type as your competitors.
  4. You don’t have a clear marketing action plan for your business and as a result your approach is untargeted and reactive.
  5. Your marketing activities are switched on and off depending on how busy you are.
  6. You write and create all your own marketing materials to save money.
  7. Marketing is not a high priority in your business.

Who is Paul McCarthy?

Paul McCarthy is Australia’s RockStar Marketer, who for nearly a decade has been teaching business owners just like you, how to generate more customers, make more money and create more freedom to do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing. An award winning speaker and the acclaimed author of the book 8 Steps to a Remarkable Business, Paul has assisted thousands of businesses to transform their result by helping them to shift their attention and learn how to do one thing significantly better… …MARKETING!

“Paul offered us ideas and new ways of thinking on all areas of our business.  We have achieved a significant increase in profitability and have found it much easier to win business. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone that wants to achieve success.”
Danny Flynn, Owner, Flynn Rentals.

“Paul I would like to let you know that when reflecting on your program I became aware of how empowering and profitable the process was for me. The great resources and personal 
advice you provided has transformed my business. How can I ever thank you.”
Katrine Green, Director, Katrine Green Consulting

“Paul, your seminar was ‘life changing’. I walked away with renewed enthusiasm and passion for our business . I loved the concepts you talked about and found them exciting. Our orders have already doubled in the last month. Thank you so very much.”   Phoebe Hutchison , Director,  Apexhost.com

The Priority Marketing Immersion Day is unlike any business program you have ever attended.

And here’s why…

  • Numbers to this intensive event are strictly limited to just 50 switched on savvy business owners so you’re not lost in a sea of people.
  • You don’t need to remortgage your house or sell your first born child to be able to afford to attend.
  • Most business courses sell off the back of one person and then you barely hear from them. Not here. You will deal exclusively with me for the day, allowing you to be totally immersed in powerful marketing strategies.
  • You will receive personalised specific mentoring – not just generic information.
  • You will leave with a concrete action marketing plan and not just a notebook of general ideas.
  • You will be enrolled in a unique system to keep you on track following the event.
  • Each participant will receive a private one on one coaching session to help them to implement their personal action plan.
  • The session will be recorded and you will receive access to the entire day’s content FREE.

WARNING! This high intensity one-day event is recommended only for business owners who are 
seriously committed to exploding their income! This event is not for the faint hearted. This is a complete 
immersion program designed to arm you with the critical marketing skills you need to attract and convert targeted prospects into high paying clients! Strictly for business owners who are action takers.


Why you must not miss this event
Because this intensive one-day event is completely UNIQUE! You will learn some of the most innovative, yet practical strategies to get your business pumping immediately. This is the complete A-Z of how to market a business.

Because within 9 hours of the event you will have completed an action plan that you can begin to apply on Monday morning and start seeing results almost immediately.

Because you receive such massive value with our incredible FREE Bonuses.

Because I’ll leave no stone unturned to find every possible way to make your marketing Bigger, Brighter and Better.

Because no matter what your income, the state of your business, the industry you operate in or the obstacles you face, if you diligently apply the principles I’ll reveal, YOUR situation will change.

Because I have helped thousands of people just like you to make significantly more money, dramatically improve their results and remove all the headaches associated with sales and marketing, all without working extra hours.

“I have attended two of Paul’s immersion days. At the first I learnt how to implement many marketing strategies he suggested. Just one of those suggestions more than doubled my sales conversions and 
significantly increased my turnover. The second time I attended I had moved to a new level in my business and thanks to Paul, I am now working more effectively.  The immersion days are about action and they have helped me create real momentum towards my business goals. These events represented huge value and I would recommend attending as a must for any business owner who is serious about success”.  Helen Robinett, Director, Image Quest.

What kind of innovative profit making ideas and advice will you receive at the Priority Marketing Immersion Day?

Here is a taste…

  • Discover Paul’s 5 step RockStar Marketing System™.
  • Learn how to improve sales and double your current turnover in the next 12 months.
  • Develop a specific marketing action plan to unleash the profit potential in your business.
  • Identify how you can make lots of little adjustments to your current marketing approach and begin to leverage off the untapped resource in your business.
  • Learn how to maximise your marketing efforts and improve your conversion rate from prospect to client.
  • Learn the key to guaranteeing your success; the one thing all business owners must know.
  • Discover the universal law that underpins the most successful marketing campaigns.
  • Formulate a specific marketing strategy you can apply to generate more leads and referrals for your business.
  • Learn how to target your marketing efforts to ensure you attract the best buyers every time.
  • Uncover the most irresistible ways to immediately attract customers from your competition – and keep them.
  • Create the mindset of a world-class business owner, with a business that serves you – rather than makes you a servant.
  • Increase responses to your promotional offers by up to 5 times your current rates – and do it all on a budget.
  • Regain control of your business and life. Learn how to get more time and money, and have more fun along the way.
  • Learn the 4 steps to creating an unstoppable business and life.

Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because I’m so certain that you’ll receive such massive value from the day, I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. So if by lunch time you are not 100% satisfied and convinced that the program has been a worthwhile investment of your time and money, you can leave and I will promptly write you a cheque on the spot for a full refund. That’s right! You have a 100% Money Back Guarantee that this program will deliver incredible profit making ideas or it’s FREE.


Your Amazing Bonuses Gift

Small Business Sales and Marketing Survival Kit
Not only will you get massive value from the Priority Marketing Immersion Day,  we are also giving away FREE to the first 20 people to register online a GIFT valued at over $397. That’s right.  To ensure you not only survive, but thrive in business this year, you get Paul’s complete Sales and Marketing Survival Kit FREE when you attend Priority Marketing.
A very special GIFT (Valued at $397)

The Survival Kit is a MUST for anyone in business. It is packed with professionally written letters that are guaranteed to produce results and save you precious time. The Kit comes with a CD containing all letters in a template format for easy use. Take control of your sales and marketing efforts today with:

  • 24 Letters to help you stay in touch and build customer loyalty
  • 9 Phone scripts to win more business
  • 13 Sales letters that grab attention
  • Outlines for writing professional quality ads
  • Create an incredible follow up process
  • Plus much, much more

Let’s do the numbers and see exactly what you get…

  • One day’s intensive training on implementing the Priority Marketing System™
  • Personal advice on how to implement strategies in your industry
  • Innovative, practical and proven marketing ideas to give you the edge
  • Walk away with a complete marketing action plan
  • Sales and Marketing Survival Kit

And all backed by our No Questions Asked Rock Solid Guarantee.

“Paul is truly fantastic. Within the first hour of the program the full day’s value was already realised and then the incredible content just kept coming. This program is a must for any serious business owner.” Guenter Hauber-Davidson, Director, Water Conservation Group.