October 22, 2021


The Power of the Mastermind

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur

Are You Ready To Become a Member of the Mastermind?

Entry to this Elite Program is by application only. Participation in the mastermind is strictly reserved for serious business owners who can demonstrate they are committed to achieving success and are now ready to take their business to an entirely new level.

To be eligible for inclusion in the program every member must be able to answer ‘YES’ to all seven questions below.

  1. I currently run my own small business.
  2. I am seriously committed to taking my business to the next level and am willing to help others to do the same.
  3. I will make the time needed to work on my business.
  4. I am committed to attending meetings, coaching sessions, conference calls and implementing what I learn.
  5. I am open to new ideas.
  6. I am happy to offer and receive constructive feedback.
  7. I will actively promote the service of my fellow members and will respect any clients referred to me.

The Mastermind Program is not just a coaching program it is a true business accelerator program. Every member makes a commitment to help their fellow members learn, grow and improve.

Securing your seat in the Elite Mastermind Program is your ticket to higher sales, greater satisfaction, improved marketing results and increased profitability. Both Paul McCarthy and the other members of your Mastermind group, will encourage you, inspire you, guide you and keep you up-to-date with the latest small business solutions and strategies. As you journey through the program you will be exposed to many new ideas and innovative approaches to marketing your business.

Each step along the way you will receive support to prevent you going off course and making the common and often costly mistakes experienced by people trying to do it alone. Your membership to the Elite Diamond Mastermind Program is like having access to a treasure map that guides you step-by-step to the mountains of “hidden cash” just waiting to be liberated in your business!

What the program offers you:

  1. 3 x 2 day Face to Face Closed Door Mastermind Sessions in person with Paul McCarthy
  2. 10 Monthly ‘Think Big’ Live webinars with other experts AND a recordings of the session
  3. 4 quarterly ‘On Target Q&A support webinar sessions
  4. 12 x 30 minute telephone consults with Paul McCarthy
  5. Free copy of Paul’s, Entrepreneurs Money Map Newsletter
  6. Free Copy of Paul’s Sales and Marketing Survival Kit (value $397)
  7. Minimum 50% discounts off all Entrepreneurs Inner Sanctum events.
  8. Full access to the Million Dollar Resource Vault


  • Video/Audio training programs
  • Marketing Tools
  • Sales Tools
  • Scripts/Letter/Templates
  • Members Forum
  • E-books
  • Articles
  • On-line courses
  • Networking
  • Diamond Member Profile (as Diamond Mastermind member you receive a featured promotion on the members pages for your services)
  • Plus much more

I established my first mastermind group several years ago and the results for those involved have been phenomenal. Here is a short list of the things the group credits to being a member of the mastermind.

  • Substantial revenue increases
  • New projects created that would never have been considered
  • Increased business acumen
  • Networking of leads and contacts resulting in new business
  • Access to an invaluable sounding board
  • Referral business
  • Sharing of information resulting in substantial savings in multiple areas
  • Increased accountability and results
  • Personal and professional development
  • A place to get valuable feedback and gain clarity

Each Mastermind group is capped at a maximum of 16 businesses. Places are limited, so if no vacancies exist successful applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

Membership in this program represents a unique opportunity for you to accelerate your business success like never before. To join Paul and the select group of talented business owners who will become your exclusive support team, please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to our office.