January 22, 2022


When I ask business owners why they chose to go into business in the first place, the most common response is because I wanted to have Freedom.

They want the Freedom to choose their own hours, be their own boss, do what they wanted and earn what they believe they’re worth.

If Freedom is the driver behind why you went into business, then before you can obtain it you’ll first require Focus.

Focus comes before Freedom.

You need to Focus on your marketing and your skill at attracting prospects. Focus on your sales skills and your ability to convert interest into dollars and you’ll need to Focus on your capacity to retain and expand your existing customer base.

If you want FREEDOM, you better learn to FOCUS!

Backwards Thinking

There are 3 steps to running a successful business. The problem is most business owners are focusing on them in the wrong order.

Here’s the order most business follow.

They spend the bulk of their time, energy and focus on step 3.

Step 3 is the delivery of your product or service.

Once they have fulfilled these orders they switch their attention to step 2.

Step 2 is getting someone to say yes to your offering, in other words winning sales.

And only if they have time left over do they consider step 1.

Step 1 is acquiring new prospects and attracting interest – or marketing the business.

Chances are if you are not attracting the volume of targeted clients you need to buy enough of your products or services it’s because your thinking is backwards.

Change where you focus and you will change your results.

Ignorance isn’t always bliss

By now it should be clear to anyone who operates a business in the new economy that you can no longer remain ignorant to the importance of innovative marketing of your business.

In thriving economies many business were able to get away with not having to develop their abilities to market, as they were propped up by the strong economic times.

But this time has pasted and those who remain ignorant to the importance of becoming a better marketer do so at their own peril.

As my friend Mike Rayburn says, you can’t out earn your ignorance.


Before you can hope to learn you must first unlearn. Too often people try to address a problem by putting new knowledge on top of faulty thinking, in the hope this will cause things to change.

What usually happens is people quickly hit the same roadblocks that hit previously.

If you want to change to results you produce, first identify what has been holding you back.

To develop new habits, ones that will bring you prosperity in all areas of your life you must first break the old habits that hold you where you are.